Amparo Fuertes Miguel

Tipo de miembro 
Junta Directiva


Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales, CSIC, Barcelona

Curriculum Vitae

First Degree in Chemistry with special subject Inorganic Chemistry, University of Valencia, June 1981.
Ph.D in Chemistry (‘Apto Cum Laude’ grade) University of Valencia, July 1986
1981-1983, Research Fellowship (Ministry of Education and Science), Department of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Valencia
1984-1989, Research Fellowship (Ministry of Education and Science), Institute of Earth Sciences Jaime Almera and ICMAB (CSIC), Barcelona.
1989-2006, Tenured Scientist (until 1993) and Research Scientist of CSIC
2006-        , Research Professor of CSIC, ICMAB
1999-2001 ,Director of the Department of Crystallography and Solid State Chemistry at ICMAB. 2008, 2010-   Director of the Department of Solid State Chemistry at ICMAB
2008-2009, Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh, CSEC (Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions) and School of Chemistry.
Research activities:
Present research interests are in the synthesis and structural characterization of new inorganic materials with electronic, optical and catalytical properties. Current research focuses in the field of nitrides and oxynitrides of transition metals, rare earth and main group elements exhibiting new or improved physical properties with respect to oxides. Recent results following this approach include superconducting halide nitrides, ferromagnetic/magnetoresistive oxynitride perovskites, nitrogen doped ceria ant titania with photocatalytical applications, oxynitrides as anodes for lithium batteries and luminescent oxynitrides.
Selected publications:
‘Subextensive Entropies and Open Order in Perovskite Oxynitrides’. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134, 6762 (2012)
‘Nanocrystalline N-doped Ceria Porous Thin Films as Efficient Visible-Active Photocatalysts’. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22 , 3220 (2012).
 “Chemistry and applications of oxynitride perovskites”. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 22, 3293 (2012).
 “Anion Order in Perovskite Oxynitrides”. Nature Chemistry, 3, 47 (2011).
 “Electronic Tuning of Two Metals and Colossal Magnetoresistances in EuWO1+xN2-x Perovskites”. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 132, 4822 (2010).
 “Synthesis and properties of functional oxynitrides – from photocatalysts to CMR materials”. Dalton Transactions, 39, 5942 (2010).
 “Nanostructured Titanium Oxynitride Porous Thin Films as Efficient Visible-Active Photocatalysts”. Advanced Functional Materials, 17, 3348 (2007).
“Prediction of Anion Distributions Using Pauling’s Rule”, Inorganic Chemistry, 45, 9640-9642 (2006).
“A New Intermediate Intercalate in Superconducting Sodium-doped Hafnium Nitride Chloride”, Chemical Communications 3352-3354 (2005).